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Family Guide

...we believe that children and youth can come up with big ideas and big change with simple gifts which inspire and transform hearts and lives!


"Jubilee" is a movement of faith rooted in the Bible which basically calls for an entire year of celebration of freedom and justice. Jesus connected his ministry with this concept of Jubilee when he read the scroll from Isaiah in the Temple. (Isaiah 61:2 and Luke 4:14-30)

-----(Adult Resource: The Souls of Poor Folk Audit)-----

Every family is different and will have different starting points based on age and experiences. These resources were put together to create multiple entry points for your family unit to engage in the discussion, action, and education alongside the Poor People’s Campaign. Adults are often empowered to take action but are not always sure how to take action in their own homes in ways that are age appropriate, faithful, engaging, challenging, and inspiring for younger people.

There are many resources on this list that will begin to lead you to other resources. We encourage you to work what works for your family as you find ways for all of your family to engage with the Poor People’s Campaign at all ages and stages.

Here are some helpful resources to facilitate what may or may not be age appropriate.


Talking Race With Young Children, NPR

'Raising White Kids' Author On How White Parents Can Talk About Race, NPR

Parenting for Liberation

Sesame Street and Racism (Younger Kids)

Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk About Race: Resource Roundup

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