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As Adults Take Action -Kids Have Questions
... and Responses!

While some kids don’t like BIG WORDS we believe that kids can, nevertheless come up with BIG IDEAS and BIG CHANGE with simple gifts which inspire and transform hearts and minds in the ways of justice and peace.

Family and faith leaders are invited to look through this "menu" of starting points around the model of the PPC Jubilee Principles. Use this tool to intergenerationally engage your younger people in this social justice movement. 

Talking to Kids

The 5 Jubilee Principles - Kid Version

Jubilee is a movement of faith rooted in the Bible. Jubilee calls for radical faith-based reform for our nation’s horrific history of (big word) systemic racism, inequality and violence in which more than half of our nation’s children (38.5 million) do not know if they will have a place to sleep, nutritious meals, or safe communities.

With God's help, our families working together in civic engagement and direct action can bring about a moral revolution of values to heal the brokenness in our land.

The Poor People's Campaign's Jubilee Justice Platform abides by the deepest moral and Constitutional commitments to justice. Where harm has been done, it must be acknowledged and undone.​

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